Taft Cruise Night 06-05-2020

Hello world, welcome to our first blog post in a very long time. We will hopefully be utilizing this media space a lot more in the coming months to share our car communities shenanigans, since this is only post #2 in the many years of running this website. So please stay tuned for updates, cruises, shows, general happenings and of course things being worked on by the members of this awesome muscle Car community. If we don’t post enough here, you can always find things going on in our Facebook community located at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/904780159643445/

This blog post is about our recent trip to the Taft Cruise nights. It is held the first Friday of every month in the small community of Taft California. Most of our members are located in Bakersfield California, but both the co-founders of the Torque Works group are originally from Taft and graduated from Taft Union High School in 1995 and 96. Since our co-founders are originally from Taft our group likes to support car events put on by the city whenever its possible for us to. We have been making it to this event for the past few years and love going to catch up with some of our friends who still live and work there.

Pictured below, some of the Bakersfield crew members gather at The Dukes place on the west side of Bakersfield. The group was instructed to arrive by 5:00pm fueled and ready to go. But due to a freak rain storm that lasted a whole 15 minutes, some weren’t able to come prepared. That’s OK though we still made it to Taft before the cruise started.

Pictured below, the last car of the group snapped this pic as we turned onto N. Lincoln Street heading into town. We had a total of 6 muscle cars, with 1 other on the way from Calabasas California who later met is in town for the cruise where we met up with some fellow like minded Taft muscle car owners we call members of our group.

After the long trip into town, we drove down Center and parked in this empty lot to make sure everyone’s rides were good and ready to go. Had a group meeting and decided to go patronize the local Pizza Factory for some grub for the night. During these times of Covid-19 we were gracious that they allowed our group of 8 to sit at one big table and be able to dine in.

In the below pic, the group came back down Center St. and parked across from the old Ford Dealership building. The muscle cars were left on display while we went in for some grub.

While we were inside eating, we were notified by a couple of our Taft crew members that they had made it on scene and parked out front as well. We came out to greet brothers Jason and Jared and chatted it up for a bit to catch up on the work we have been doing to our rides and just hang out. The below two pics are their rides they like to cruise with. We all then hopped in our cars and proceeded to do what we had come for and started making laps up and down Center Street.

The last 2 pictures below of this sweet Galaxy sporting a stroked Ford 302 caught our eye so we of course had to stop and talk to the owner and get a couple pics.

All in all, there wasn’t a ton of vehicles that showed up to the June Taft Cruise night, but to us that doesn’t matter. The Torque Work’s crew had a great time hanging out and cruising the street with their fellow crew members and the community of Taft. Hopefully in July we will return for some more cruising fun, and maybe some more folks will break out there vehicles and cruise with us. Thanks for stopping and checking out our pictures and blog post. See you on the Streets…..


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