Chester Cruise Night 06-12-2020

On June 12th 2020, the 2nd Chester Cruise night happened in Bakersfield CA. For the May starter cruise a couple folks from the Torque Works crew made it down to check out the massive amounts of machines that managed to show up and clog up Chester Ave. This time around we managed to get a larger group of people and cars to show up a little earlier than others and get a good parking spot in a parking lot close to the Garces Circle. As usual most of us were so busy checking out the rides going by that we failed to get a lot of photos and video of the muscle cars cruising by. So below is a select few photos taken by one of our own members Mr. Seth Thomas with the silver 1966 Ford Falcon. Hopefully for the next event it wont be so windy and we can capture some actual video, and even more photos. Till the next time, See you on the Streets….


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